Sunday, 10 January 2010

Maddy Alone by Pamela Brown

Maddy Alone is the second book in the series of The Swish of the Curtain.

It is hard to say what happens in this book without giving away the ending of The Swish of the Curtain. What happens is that Maddy gets a part in a play about a local historical legend. This is a big achievement for Maddy as she is the youngest of the group as she is only twelve and the others have left so school.

Unfortunately this book is only 125 pages long! It is also a bit expensive probably because it has only recently been re-printed.

I would give this 8 out of 10.



  1. What a great idea for a blog! I wish the internet had existed when I was your age and reading book after book after book, and all the good ones many times over.

    I also think it's impressive that you read a variety of books, including authors from other countries and times - it can be challenging to ferret out the meanings, even in a shared language! "To Kill a Mockingbird" is quite complex and difficult, I think, even to most Americans like myself who didn't live in that time and place. One of my favorites British books from years ago (and still, if truth be told) is Enid Bagnold's "National Velvet" - and I spent many hours pondering the meaning of some of it! The copy I had was illustrated with amazing ink drawings done by the author's daughter, who was twelve!!

  2. I'm excited because I didn't realise that there WAS a sequel to The Swish of the Curtain!
    (although to my mind the new edition of the book is not as good as the battered copy that belonged to my gran - I'm sure bits of it have been edited out...)

    Looking forward to seeing some more of your reviews...

  3. Super idea for a blog Dot... and gosh... you've read lots of books since Christmas!

  4. Beautiful books Dottie, my favourite book was always the famous five or the secret seven but then I read them back in the 70's! I still love reading but the crafting get in the way! Jane x

  5. Dottie, this blog is a great idea !!! Perhaps I could send you a book to read? I am a librarian after all.....

  6. Wow! you must be a speed reader! When do you get your school work done?

  7. Welcome to blogging, Dottie Locket! Great idea for a blog - and your book reviews are fab.
    Looking forward to lots more :)


  8. Hi Dottie, well done on starting a blog about books. I haven't heard of that one, but I just LOVE To Kill a Mocking Bird. I studied it in High School and got right into it. The movie was good too. Perhaps you could give it another try a little later on. There's heaps of good stuff in it, and I just loved writing essays about it. Do I sound a little crazy!!!! Oh, well, you have to be I guess to get a kick out of life. Enjoy that snow, as we melt in the heat over here in Australia.

  9. Hi Dottie Dot
    Well your Mam got you hooked on blogging - who will be next? Well I haven't read any of your books yet, but maybe I will read Holes after your review.
    Take care, hope you have a snow day soon!!
    Aunty Ally xx