Monday, 8 August 2011

Kids Crafternoon

Normally these posts are about novels but today's post is going to be about two new crafting books;

I found out about these books from Domesticali's post about having two of her own projects in the papercraft book.

The books are aged for 7 - 12 year olds to do by themselves, but there are many projects that I am looking forward to getting started on. However, in the sewing book some of the projects are slightly more advanced.

Obviously, I particularly love the two owl projects from the papercraft books and have already made two of the owl cards that are shown on the front cover of the papercraft books.
(The one on the left and the middle one are mine and the one on the right is my mum's)

I am definitely going to make more owl cards as they are fun, a bit of a challenge and the result is great!

To see more of the crafts that I will make from these as well as other books visit my other website, Dottie Locket's Crafts.

The books are full of fun designs, but I feel that some of the projects in the sewing book are slightly difficult for the age range it is pitched out. Overall I would give these books an eight out of ten!