Saturday, 23 January 2010

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes is another book that I've read recently.

This book is about a huge Iron Man which comes and attacks a village stealing all the metal and eating it, the village decide they have to do something about. Once they do they realise they need the Iron's Man help to save the world from an evil dragon that's landed on Earth all across Australia.

This was quite a good book but it was very, very , very short book only about sixty pages long and took me hardly any time at all to read. I give this book a 6 out of 10


  1. I loved this book and gave it to my son when he was 7 or 8. He loved it too. I think it's the air of menace that appealed to us both.

    Still loving your reviews - especially what you say about who might like it. I think it'd be really useful as well if you said what kind of age reader it might appeal to as well (especially if Daisy is going to help you review and you are covering books than might appeal to a broader age range)!

    Keep up the good work (very jealous of the amount you manage to read).

  2. Oh, I read this book when I was a little gorl and I remember it so clearly! I was eating a Funny Face lolly at the time, and sitting on the stairs at home. Gosh, I am glad you reminded me of that.

  3. Oh I read this book at school and LOVED it and have been a fan of Ted Hughes ever since. Your blog is most excellent and I'm enjoying reading your fab reviews. Keep up the good work - I hope that doesn't make me sound like a teacher :)
    Twiggy x

  4. I read the book and it was briliant