Saturday, 10 April 2010

Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

I have read this book and the other Alex Rider books many times and I think that they are absolutely amazing!
Stormbreaker is about a boy called Alex Rider who is about fourteen. He doesn't see much of his uncle - who works in a bank - as his uncle is always going away unexpectedly for work. Alex doesn't have any parents as they died when he was young. So Alex lives with his uncle - Ian Rider- when he's around and his uncle's American house keeper Jack Starbright- although Jack has a boys name she's really a girl.

So when the door bell rings at three in the morning Alex knows that something is wrong, it turns out that his uncle died in a car crash. This isn't good enough for Alex so he goes investigating and goes to a car demolishing garage. He quickly finds his uncle's car and discovers that it hadn't been a car crash but had bullets through it.

Then Alex is asked to go to the Royal and General Bank (where his uncle worked) to see the manager there. He discovers that the Royal and General is not a bank at all but MI6 and that his uncle was a spy.

Next Alex gets sent to a training camp where he gets bullied by the men there and he's called Cub as they don't have any names there. After days of training Alex returns to Alan Blunt - the head of MI6- and Mrs Jones - his deputy- and he is told that he must go on a mission to find out exactly what's up with the Stormbreakers. If Alex refuses Jack will be sent back to America and Alex will have to go to a cruel boarding school.

So Alex is sent to Cornwall. This is where Herod Sayle a very rich business man has made his Stormbreakers, a very expensive computer that really helps as education and makes you feel like you are where ever you are learning about. Herod has decided to give a Stormbreaker to every school in the country for free. MI6 think that he's to good to be true and that somethings up. Can Alex find out exactly what's up and save the country? Read the book to find out.

I really enjoyed this book and give it an 8 out of 10.

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  1. I realii did enjoy thiz book
    umm i'll give a an 8 owt ov 10 azwell