Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Silver Blade by Sally Gardener

This is the sequel to the Red Necklace, they are both great books and I loved them. To see my review of the Red Necklace, it is my last review.
This book is also set in the French Revolution , Sido is now safely in England living with her aunt and uncle, however her father is dead. Everybody believes Count Kallovski to be dead, but is he?

Yann is now saving aristocrats who are going to be sent to the guillotine, with the rest of the people at the theatre he used to work at, the Theatre of the Follies, this theatre is owned by Citizen Aulard, a coward. Yann and Didier save people before they can be sent to the guillotine and those people appear as minor characters in the plays at the theatre before being sent to England.

Yann has earned himself the name of the Silver Blade as one night when he was saving people from a prison he put a small Silver Blade over the bed of one of the people working at the prison. So the police in France are looking for the Silver Blade and whenever someone escapes from the guillotine the public say that the Silver Blade saved them.

Sido and Yan are deeply in love with each other and they communicate with each other by letters. Sido's aunt and uncle think that Yann is a spoilt boy who threw away a chance to go to Cambridge university to go to France and become an actor. They have no idea what Yann really does in France.

From the Theatre all being put in prison for suspicion of being the Silver Blade to Count Kallovski coming back from the dead. This is an excellent story and I give it an 8 out of 10.

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