Saturday, 10 April 2010

Enna Burning by Shannon Hale

This is the sequel to the book that I reviewed a little while ago called The Goose Girl. If you want to see my review about the Goose Girl it's just a few reviews ago.
This book is about one of the main characters in the previous book called Enna. One day Enna's brother comes home and there's something strange about him. When he suddenly sets fire on Enna and her friend Finn -also from the Goose Girl - everything starts to go wrong. It turns out that her brother has managed to get the power to be able to set fire from things by pulling the heat from living things and redirecting it at someone or something.

Suddenly a kingdom called Tira wants to go to war against Bayern. Enna's brother - who is on the Bayern side - gets permission from the Prince to use his powers to win the battle. Bayern wins the battle because of the fire, but unfortunately Enna's brother sacrifices himself to the fire and dies.

Then Enna finds the piece of paper that gave her brother the power, by reading this piece of paper she gets the power herself. She has an urge to burn everything and even ends up burning her best friend and queen of Bayern, Isi - also from The Goose Girl. Fourtanetly Isi has the power to put it out with the wind which she can control.

Enna goes around setting alight the Tira camps until one day when she gets caught. Will Enna betray her country or worse will she betray her friends - Finn and Razo - which she has known for years. Read this amazing book to find out! I loved this book and give it a 8 out of 10.

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