Sunday, 28 March 2010

Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke

This is the third book in the Inkheart series, as probably know I did a post a little while ago about Inkspell the second book. This a fantastic book and I love it!
Inkspell ended sadly with one of the main character's dying - no I'm not saying who, read Inkspell to find out- and another main character saving his life by making a deal with death and dying him self - no I'm not saying who this is either!

The character who died but came back to life again - OK, so this is getting a bit confusing - is determined to get someone to bring the dead character back to life - I'm extremely confused myself now and I've read these books loads of times! So he - that's the only clue your getting- persuades Meggie to read a writer who calls himself Orpheus into the Inkworld to save the dead character by writing a deal with the White Women - the people who bring death.

Mo visits death - but no it's not him that dies - and death tells him that he must destroy the White Book. The White Book is a book that Mo and Meggie made for the Adderhead as they and all of the strolling players were captured and taken to the Adderhead's castle and kept as prisoners. Mo and Meggie together made a book of 500 blank pages that would make the Adder immortal unless three words were written in 'ink, heart, death'. Now death has told Mo that he must destroy the white book otherwise he and Meggie will be killed.

Meggie finds out that she is in love with someone but she doesn't know who - Farid, or one of the robbers, Doria. She also finds out that Fenoligo wrote (while he still lived in the real world) a story about a man called Doria who invents things - just as Doria does in Inkdeath - and that his wife gives him ideas, like a box that plays music, as she comes from a land far away where these type of things are real. Does it sound familiar at all?

Mo becomes a lot more heroic, saving people and often nearly dying. I really recommend reading the first two book before you read this one as it will make a lot more sense if you do! I loved this book and give it a 8 out of 10.

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