Thursday, 18 February 2010

Judy Moody saves the world by Megan Mcdonald

This is another one of Daisy Locket's posts.

book cover of  Judy Moody Saves the World!   (Judy Moody, book 3) by Megan McDonald

This is a great book by Megan Mcdonald called Judy Moody saves the world . This is not the only one Megan Mcdonald has wrote she has written lots moreI have two more and a new one called Stink The incredible shrinking kid . Judy moody has a little brother called James Moody but he gets called Stink Moody. The main charecters in the story are Judy,Mum,Dad,Stink,Frank,Rocky,JessicaMr Todd Toady the toad and Mouse the cat.


  1. This series is very popular at my school - with the Grade four girls - thay can't get enough of Judy and stink!

  2. Oh yes, we love Judy Moody too, Daisy!

    Excellent review :o)