Thursday, 11 February 2010

Without A Trace by Carolyn Keene

This is a Nancy Drew detective case and all though it is quite an easy book to read I really enjoyed it. This book is about two cases. First there is a case about someone mashing up zucchinis in people's gardens. One of the men accuses a man called Mr Salter and Nancy doesn't think that he would do such a thing. So who was the zucchini masher?

The other case is about a French women who has moved with her nephew to River Heights. This women owns a real Faberge egg and it is her prised possession. Suddenly the egg goes missing, but nothing else of value does. A couple of hours before the egg went missing the nephew had some friends come over from France to stay. Could it have been one of them?

To find out both of the answers you will have to read the book. I really enjoyed this book even though it was very easy. I would give it a 7 out of 10.


  1. Sorry, but 'zucchini masher'? Sounds hilarious, but it's perhaps not meant to be!

  2. Minx loved the most recent Nancy Drew movie and I used to love the series on TV a hundred years ago. I'm going to have to get her reading the books in a year or two.

    Another great review Dot :o)