Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Other Countess by Eve Edwards

The Other Countess is a wonderful book set in the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First.

Ellie has a meaningless Spanish title, her father is determined to find gold by alchemy but it seems impossible. She has no fortune yet she has fallen in love with the young Earl of Dorset.

Will Lacey is the Earl of Dorset, however his family have no money at all. Will realises that he must marry a woman of great fortune or his family will be in ruins. However, Will is falling in love with Ellie.

Is love greater than gold?
Will Will ever stop hating Ellie for what her father has done to his family (Will's father funded the alchemist and when he was unsuccessful plunged the Lacey's into poverty)? 
Read this excellent book to find out. I really enjoyed this book as I love any historical romances I give it a nine out of ten!

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