Monday, 10 May 2010

Ithaka by Adele Geras

This is a fabulous book written by Adele Geras. I really enjoy history and I enjoy historical novels even more so this book really appealed to me.
Ithaka is a story about all of the Ancient Greek woman who are left behind while their husbands are fighting in the Trojan War. It tells about how Penelope - Odysseus' faithful wife - is one of the women waiting behind and how she has waited for ten years for her husband to come back and that she has had no word for him. Everyone - except from Penelope and a few others - are convinced that Odysseus is dead - but are they right? She is guided by Athena - a Greek goddess - to wait for her husband as she struggles to do the right thing.

Her young handmaiden, Klymene, is the real main character and she and Penelope have to try and survive while their beautiful Greek island, Ithaka, is destroyed by the disgusting men who have come to marry Penelope.

Will Odysseus ever come back? Will Klymene find her true love? Will the disgusting suitors ever go away and leave everyone on Ithaka be? Read this amazing book to find out!

I really enjoyed this book and I give it an 8 out of 10. I think that you should really be 11+ before reading this book as it has some bad language and "adult themes".

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